Andy's Technical Notes

These technical tricks, tools, and maintenance routines, are generally intended for technical individuals who have a base understanding of the materials listed below. If you find them going over your head and/or time availability, then you might want to get appropriate skilled assistance. I am available for consulting services via Konecny Consulting.

These were originally written for my colleagues in various organizations and as such are written with differing focuses matching the material and the persons aimed for.. They are all my creation as a way of documenting all the basics, for both as a reminder for myself and to share with others.

Note that even though the data may appear dated, they do generally represent the basics that the future is built on. As I am of the philosophy that raw steps/understanding is better than none, some documents will be rather raw until we get around as this is my work in progress ares. Completed/polished documents will reside under the Konecny Consulting Resource pages, while copies here may have additional edits in progress. Yes this is the raw stuff here.

Basic Computer System Resources

General Windows PC Support
General PC Maintenance- to optimize and fix oddball problems.
Meeting the challenge of differing Office File Formats
Applications and Utilities: Andy Preferences
Managing Overflowing Mail, aka "You have new mail" once too many times.
Finding Space on a drive: aka, Where did all my space go?

General Networking
ISO Networking Model made easy
The 10 Truths of Network Troubleshooting
Web site hosting foundations
Sample Admin agents page

The Joys of troubleshooting IP - These may be a bit old, but the concepts haven't changed.
basic IP routing explained: TID 10011169, Old Windows IP tools: TID 10018660, Binding IP on NetWare but written in generic enough terms to be useful on any platform: TID 10018662
In a Windows 2000 or later environment, try out the PATHPING /? command
TCP/UCP ports: complete list and what the different sets of Novell products use TID 10065719, NetWare 6, NW 6.x and others installed on NW, SuSE and OES
A collection of related internet technology links.

Time Synchronization
NetWork Time Protocol

Open Enterprise Server (OES) and related Linux
Linux admin tips for non- *nix geeks
Backing up NSS volumes with RSync: the files and the trustees TID for dealing with Stuck Obituaries in eDir

Database Maintenance/Repair Routines
Finding who has the big mail, and how to limit them.
GMS Troubleshooting
Misc Tips, tricks, and useful TIDs.

NetWare best practices
Optimizing slow servers
Setup for Remote Reboot
Forcing Down
NDS NetWare server replacement (emergency or planned) steps and DS maint
NetWare P2V, migrating from physical to virtual

About my Bookmark pages
My software WishList

Stuff that is really raw (very early drafts, some that have been hiding on me)
Dealing with sending large files
Managing those growing Apache2 logs
Some of the more interesting "Desks" I've worked at.

Automation has its dark side and a clear limit before it Kabooms. There is always a boom tomorrow

Notes and reference materials on Security and spam fighting

Never forget The Twelve Networking Truths

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