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aka, challenges to you coders out there

Things I am looking for, but as I am NOT a coder/developer they are a bit beyond me. I can do some basic scripting, but more of tweaking other's work that really having the mind set to do my own. Some of these things may well be out there somewhere, I just haven't found them yet. So if you happen to know where such tools are, and/or create them yourself, please get in touch with me.

* Update a tool called PAGE1.
I refer to it about how I make my BookMark pages. This public domain software has long been abandoned and has worked well up into Windows 10, but at what point will it stop working. I would love to be able to add a few more elements to the resulting page such as a whoami link or two, stats counter bits, and have all the links be to new tabs rather than replacing the page. I do these things manually before posting my pages using NoteTab for the multi-line search and replace ability. A Linux version would also be nice. Details of what I'd like to see Page1 grow.

* turn line separated text lists into a csv (this might be in my BASH skills, just doesn't help at all when I don't have any Linux handy or vice versa for a PowerShell script)
into a .csv like
name, lable1, lable2, lable3
perfect example is to process a registry export of the
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles\*]

* a tool that lets you see all your Win10+ NetWorkList Profiles with the ability to fix things. Things such as deleting ones that don't exist anymore, fixing Private/Public where wrong, ability to rename, what those dates really are(do the conversion for me)

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