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Useful TIDs: While some of these are old, GroupWise still uses the same basic architecture as it has since 4.1, so these are still very useful.     You can find them on your Support Connect CDs or at Micro Focus' Knowledgebase
 2933234 - GroupWise Message Store Maintenance
 2956138 - Freeing Up Disk Space on a GroupWise 5.5 PO (applies to all 5.x)
10008297 - Top Down Rebuild a GroupWise 4x system
 3347260 - Top Down Rebuild of GroupWise 5 though 2012. (a mirrored copy, that may not be up to date)
Top Down Rebuild tool for GW 14 and 18.
10012370 - GroupWise Agent Undocumented Switches.
 3564075 - eDir/NDS maint. Make sure your eDirectory is healthy as that is where parts of GroupWise is stored.
10025211 - Things you should know about GWCHECK
7013038 - Slow sync of Mobility, list of TIDs

CoolSolutions for:
- GW Best Practices
- GW 8 Good and Bad Habits
- CoolSolution script to restart GW agents that have shut down.
- Virtualization Best Practices
- CleanIt tool to fully clean out old GroupWise client installs.

- GroupWise Mobility: Trouble shooting
- dsapp - Mobility Administration Tool
- Data Synchronizer Log Diagnosing Tool
- A way to easily get lists of GW Users, Nicknames, Groups, Resources, & Domains in GroupWise 2014+
- Migrating GroupWise to new platforms
- DNSSEC, SPF, DKIM and DMARC explained, i.e. about securing your email flow.

Linux volumes:
- If on plain SLES or going that way long term, EXT3 is the current best bet, but disable H-Tree Indexing. I suspect that XFS may well be the future, but certainly do NOT use Btrfs at this time as there are problems with it and Databases in general.
- On OES, NSS works great, just ensure that Salvage is turned off(especially at volume creation) and that the noatime is disabled.
- Check out TID 7017545 for more optimization bits.

Other bits:
- GroupWise Error codes and Protocol Flow Diagram with Port Numbers
- Client startup options.
- GroupWise Troubleshooting Theory and Strategies from October 1999 AppNote but still very relevant.
- Official GroupWise Troubleshooting: Error Messages, Solutions to Common Problems, Message Flow and Directory Structure. Written for GW 2012 but does largely apply to most versions even if the particular tools have changed from time to time, and yes we are prodding the docs team to update these.
-GWCheck misc options that you should only run if you specifically need them, but this has all the known ones in a handy place for reference.
- Magic31's Live backup script and the full thread it is from, that combines the best of DBCopy and RSync is in the 8th post to the thread. Note a change needed in GW2014R2 and forward that DBcopy needs to be run from its home, so scripts will need an addition to run correctly of   cd /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin   as per Morris's note in the forums. Now TID 7017096
- Backup script on the new Microfocus Community.
- To manage the files that sometimes otherwise collect, see toldforc's contributions near the end this thread.
- Suggested optimal settings for GroupWise in a Linux system.
- Micro Focus' GroupWise Videos
- GroupWise 2014+ scripts and such from Pam Robello
- GroupWise 5+ Archive FID Editor v1.0 that has helped out for every version since.

- GroupWise Message flow hasn't really changed much since GW 5 and is always good knowledge for troubleshooting. From the official Documentation for GW 8, and GW 2012. The ports and protocol maps GW 8, GW 2012 & GW 2014 are all good references enough that I have used them for wallpaper on the GroupWise server.

- If you don't have Microsoft's Office installed, installing this newer MAPI than the old one Micro Focus is allowed to supply with the GroupWise client, may help a number 'user profile' issues. Microsoft's MAPI is a moving target, so backup and test carefully.

- Use Telnet to test SMTP issues.

- SSLizing the DVA, Article and thread

Docker and WebAccess How to influance the new GW web client and learn Docker at the same time.

GWCheck Misc Switches found by Bob Jonkman that you must tread carefully with (The whole 'with great power' thing).
And then new ones coded/found since:
- deleventsbykey from TID 7005743

Who has proxy access to whom? TID 7000712 shows how the details show in a verbose Contents GWCheck. Just save those huge results onto one of the linux servers (or something like CygWin) and then on there run this command to extract what you need from it.
grep -E 'Checking|granted' gwcheck.log |grep -v directory |grep -v database >proxyreport.txt

  Danita the GroupWise Goddess' new acting carrer

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