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GroupWise Maintenance Routines

Full maintenance/repair routines to be done before conversions and at least once a year

Always make sure you have a current complete backup before doing this. 
One particularly part to secure, you should at least periodically manually make a local copy of the PrimaryDomain\wpdomain.db when all the agents and management consoles are down. Making periodic copies of all the Domain\wpdomain.db and PostOffice\wphost.db files is also a good practice as those are files that are always locked while the agents are up, and are hardest for backup systems to get a copy of. DBcopy is your friend to learn, even if only to grab periodic copies of the *.db files, or for real protection a tool such as Reload can help make life a whole lot more protected and easy for administration.

These instructions assume a basic understanding of the tools in question. If you have never seen the tools mentioned, then it is highly suggested that you consult with an appropriate expert or RTFM

Unless otherwise instructed:   if there are error messages, stop and get them figured out.  Call co-workers, your favorite integrator (hopefully that is me, or my friend Andreas ;), and/or Micro Focus (formerly Novell) if necessary. 

For regular maintenance/repair (once a week to once a month)
The bare minimum you really need to run is an Analyze & Fix of the Structure for both User and Msg databases, with an occasional Analyze & Fix of Contents.
In GroupWise 5 and up, this can be automated and is best to be set when the active user count is the lowest and the system isn't doing anything else, such as Sunday AM for many environments. 

Except where noted, the following steps work for all versions of GroupWise from 5.1 to current, Where GW 5.x steps being in NWAdmin32, GW 6 through 2012 being in ConsoleOne, and GW 2014+ being its own webconsole. The standalone GWCheck.exe can be used for much of the manual steps but is best used when the Post Office Agent is shut down to avoid conflicts when doing the deeper work and especially for the early versions.

Before any conversion/major upgrade/migration, and if basic GWChecks aren't taking care of issues, do the Top Down Rebuild with TID 3347260 (formerly 10007365).
For GroupWise 2014 there is the gwadminutil rebuild tool starting with the Primary Domain and working your way down similar to TID 3347260, or you can use Moriss' handy scripts.

For automated maintenance that handles most of the above step.
Then all you need to do is check the logs periodically.

Andy's general GroupWise tips, tricks, and useful TIDs.

Periodic maintenance (every 6 months or so) for the Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack / GroupWise Mobility Service of "vacuuming".


If you happen to have a really old system work with, do consider a consultant who has worked with the versions in question as there is no official support for these older versions (just like Microsoft doesn't support DOS or Windows95).

For GW 4.0a being converted to 5.x:

For GW 4.1a being converted to 5.x: and to be run once every 6 months or so.

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