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NetWare: Forcing Down

Normal NetWare shut down is with the 'Down' command with 'reset server' being the best way to reboot the server. But sometimes things get stuck and that doesn't work, so here are the methods to try and bring the server down as gracefully as possible to minimize any file or database corruptions.

First try to shut down as may of the screens by what ever shut down options they show. If none shown, F7 or Esc are common exit keys. Toggle through the screens with the Alt+Esc.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Esc
select "Down the file server and Exit to DOS"

The server should end up turning off after a bit, possibly restarting it, but if it doesn't after a minute, then:

Press Alt + Left Shift + Right Shift + Esc

That's right. You need to press one of the Alts, both Shifts and the Esc key at the same time. I use the right hand for the right shift and alt, left hand for the other shift and Esc. This will drop you into the debugger with a # prompt. Type Q and enter and this should shut down the server or reboot it.

If those don't work, then you'll just have to physically power off the box, take a few slow breaths for perhaps a half minute, and turn it back on.


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