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I've worked in some odd spots over the years and while I don't have pictures of some of the earlier ones, I can still show off the more recent ones I do have. I've had to work on boxes, recycle bins, shelves, and even a wire spool. Working in the server room is common, whether it is a proper chilled room or just a closet. An office with a something like a real desk and a window are pure luxury which I treasure when I have them. Most of the images do have a larger version if you click on it.

My spot at a long term Architect client. After 15 years of working with them I'm finally on the floor plan. Should I make my name tag as it is spelled or with the full 'last name'? Outside Consult(ant)?

For a few years with one client, the only spot I had to put my notebook near the server rack was spool of telephone cable. I kept forgetting to take a picture of that one, but when my building's elevators were being rebuilt, I had this opportunity to show the client a possible upgrade could have been if there hadn't been an actual (small) table at their new location.

Often some network work requires being in the phone/wiring closet. At least this time I could be comfortable.

The Nest above the former Sparrow Restaurant. Setting up and testing local AP. I managed to resist putting my head under the Cider tap.

Some people like having lots of contacts, and this person is no exception. His email contacts list keeps causing system issues because it is so large.

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