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What and Why such pages

These are pages primarily for my own needs of tracking tools that are useful for me and I do not change them just to serve others needs. That they are of use for others is great and I am glad to share them.
They are Web pages of curated web links to interesting, useful, and safe sites, assembled in a (somewhat) organized fashion. Like an address-book or contact list, it is useful to have the correct address for the places you want to go to. Some people don't have much of a care for such lists, and others do, vive la différence. There are those of us who like to plot our own course in this World Wild Web in the same way that some of us love to create and read maps.


In the beginning of the World Wide Web, we needed to track the sites we liked on our own. Early on we gained the ability to save them with-in your browser as Bookmarks or later alternatively as Favorites. Some of us who learned HTML, created our own pages as both a learning exercise as well as a way to make our list of links more portable between browsers and systems. Then I came across an article from PC Magazine that included a tool to create such pages so easily. A tool called PAGE1 that I quickly adopted and have grown ever since. This tool from the Windows 98/NT era still works on Windows 7 and hopefully will still keep working for a long time yet. I have the source code if anyone with the right skill is interested in recompiling it for more modern Windows and possibly convert it to work with Linux. There are a few modifications I would love to enhance the tool with, such as adding the note at the top, some text at the end, and some mobility fixes that I do 'manually' for now. This 'manual' process is a part of why updates don't go up quickly as they are best done as a batch process when I have enough updates to warrant the effort.

But what about search engines

Even after Google so upped the search engine game, these pages remain useful as a way to keep track of specific known tools and references along the way, especially when I can better remember where a reference is than what exactly it was called. These pages are also available to me even when I don't have internet connections working properly and I'm the one having to fix said internet connection. There is a whole industry around trying to game the search engine results, to have sites listed in search results that have little to do with the search items entered. Search results so keep shifting as time goes by.

Not everything is indexed by the search engines, such as brand new pages and internal pages like an organizations intranet. New pages take a little while to climb to the top of search results. Having local pages can be very useful for managing the modern IT infrastructure that has web interfaces on every different server/service/vendors to keep track of. I have created a page of local systems for each of my clients for both my own sanity as well as a tool for the local support staff.

Link Rot

A fact of life on the net is that all pages have a life span. Some may last the life of the internet, others make a brief appearance and disappear. Some keep their same address(URL), others get changed periodically the same way some people can't stay at the same address for long. Too many people have the misguided thought that the name is nothing and expect to just change addresses without leaving a proper forwarding address, not realizing how much traffic they will lose doing so. I am very aware that there will usually be some links that don't work anymore and it is a constant challenge to find and fix them. This is why there are sometimes multiple similar links in a group so that if one is down, the others should still be there. Sites that keep changing the address(URL) of their contents just get dropped from my links.
I periodically run these pages through some link checkers from time to time which helps with the process, but it is still an effort to keep them up and that attention will be as the rest of my life allows. The amount of effort I put in is reflective of what I get out of them.

Feedback and Contributions

I appreciate all of you who report (via the address at the bottom) broken links and I will consider any alternatives if you happen to have any, though no guarantees that I will use your suggestion(s). I review and update these pages and any submitted suggestions as my schedule allows, so sometimes it takes a while (weeks or months). If you keep prodding/pestering me to include a link, then it is very likely I will block adding that link to my lists and your contact info altogether. As these do give you an idea of the areas I work and play in, if you related work you'd like assistance in, I can be hired via my company Konecny Consulting. Another form of thanx are contributions to my Tip Jar.

Focus of the pages

First and foremost, these pages are for my own needs. That others can and do benefit from them is great, but a secondary consideration. If they don't meet your needs, then just go elsewhere. They are updated sporadically in little bits on my local system with periodic uploads to my webserver. The pages cover a full range of my life and as such there are some I am more interested in sharing than others. Few will get to see all of them, but given they are on a public website I try to make sure that nothing confidential ends up in them.

Where are these pages?

Short answer: On The Net.
Longer answer: Treasure the ones you find and like and don't expect explanations of them.
The one that gets the biggest attention is my Internet tools page, but then it is the one I've given out the most. Others are my Apps 'n Utilities page and my Info Security page.

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