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Darlene Konecny

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Here is a quick view of my career to date. My most current position is listed first.

The role of Project Manager/Documenter is something that I love doing and have achieved my CAPM. (Certified Associate Project Manager).  The role of Documentor is something that a lot of people look and wonder why I do this especially considering I work in the IT industry.  What I enjoy doing is writing documents such as procedure manuals, policies and even articles.   One of my articles, Presenting Yourself for Advancement can be found by clicking here.  The blank page doesn't scare me and I love assisting others in developing a process that will work for them.

What I enjoyed most in the jobs as a Business Analyst and a Budget Coordinator was the opportunity to share my knowledge and instruct others.

Both of these positions also gave me the opportunity to do some traveling, which I enjoy. I enjoy visiting other cities for a short period of time knowing that I always have a place to come home to.

I have received my Certificate in Instructing Adults and understand the steps in developing a training program. The steps are as follows:

  1. Analyze
  2. Design
  3. Develope
  4. Implement
  5. Evaluate

These steps can be repeated a number of times until a training program meets the needs of the trainees.

In the role of Business Analyst I was responsible for designing a training program and all the training material that was necessary. The material included:

The course design and documenntation is what I really enjoy and am now trying to find clients that will give me this opportunity again.

This page last updated:  February 27, 2012