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AAIA logoAAIA - Allergy Asthma Information Association

I became a member of AAIA after I was told that I had environmental allergies and asthma.

This Association then became more important to me as I developed food allergies. The association has helped me to deal with the allergies that I have and find out that I am not alone.

At the age of 35, I was told that I have severe allergies resulting in me now carrying an epi-pen. I am anaphylactic to Cottonseed, Pineapple and Codeine. These three allergies have resulted in a big change in my life. I am finding that going out to eat is hard as Cottonseed is being found in more and more foods.  I wrote an article for AAIA can it can be found here.  The article "I'm Special, Not Odd" was written to help me deal with my allergies but also to show others what someone with allergies go through.  Since writing that article I have so developed a severe allergy to Shellfish which to me is the msot challenging of my allergies to deal with.

What is very upsetting to me, is having to deal with severe allergies after being able to enjoy all different foods when I was younger. I never figured that I would have to deal with food allergies like I do now but I am dealing with it and an very thankful for the support that I get from my husband, family and friends.  I have been lucky to also find servers and managers are some restaurants that understand the allergies and make the eating out experience a little easier.

I have been a member of this association for a number of years and in the last year I decided that I wanted to be able to help educate others on allergies, asthma and anaphylaxis. 

I am very happy that I found this association and have been able to learn how to deal with my specific allergies and also be able to educate others.

Important Anaphylactic Information

E-belt picture

Here are some things that are vital for people that are anaphylactic.

The importance of this list was bought to my attention added after being at a conference and someone had an anaphylactic reaction to nuts and didn't have an epi-pen or any antihistamines with them. I always have my epi-pen and antihistamines with me and therefore was able to help and am very thankful that I did. I wear my epi-pen proudly in an e-belt that is made by Zoni Inc.

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