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Crafts or of me being Craftkitten

This is to help explain why I am called Craftkitten. I was given this nickname by a boyfriend (now husband) because of my love of crafts. I can be found doing crafts during my spare time and also while sitting as a passenger in a car or on a plane. I love doing the crafts that I do and I realize how important it is to share my abilities with others. How do I find time to do these projects is currently a little easier as I am unemployed, but I have always made time for these even when I was employed and had a very busy work schedule. Making time for something you love doing is easy.

This picture shows a preemie set with a ruler at the bottom of it. The booties, at the bottom, measure 13cm (5 inches) or about 6.5cm (2.5 inches) each. The toque could fit on an orange very easily. I have never seen a preemie myself but after doing these sets I realize the fight they have, to survive.

Doing crafts for organizations is very rewarding. Knowing that you are helping others and that the items are needed and appreciated is wonderful. I guess the other thing is time well spent, may not get the housework done but I am helping others.

"Lapghans" - a small blanket just the right size for the lap and legs of someone in a wheelchair or a chair. The size of a lap throw is 36" x 42".

I have been working on these lapghans for some time and completed a number of them myself and have decided to share how many squares you need to make a few lapghans. I have completed different patterns all using 5.5mm crochet hooks.

  1. Granny Squares. - 3 rounds - 3 colours per square. 168 squares required.
  2. Beige Rectangle - 42 rounds one colour.
  3. Granny Squares. - 4 rounds - 1 colour per square. 99 squares required.

I do a considerable amount of my knitting and crocheting for charities. I donate a great deal of my time and completed items to different organizations. Here are a few of the organizations that I donate to as well as the items that they receive.

Item Charity
Lapghans Sunnybrook Veteran's Hall
Sweaters Crafting 4 Canadian Charities
Preemie Outfits Crafting 4 Canadian Charities
Items for Soliders Crafting 4 Canadian Charities
Toques and Scarves Crafting 4 Canadian Charities

Managing a Donation Program

I have been able to work with a number of charities and use my craft skills for each of them and have found a few things that I feel are very important to running a donation program.

  1. A phone call or leter acknowledging receipt of the donated items.
  2. Means of tracking donors of wool or items.
  3. Figure out the volume of need.
  4. Means of receiver to say thanks.
  5. Means of distribution of items.

These things are what I have found through working with the charities and also by talking to individuals who have received items from charities.

This page last updated:  February 27, 2012