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My Love of Crafts

AndyandDar This is to help explain why I am called Craftkitten.

I was given this nickname by my husband because of my love of crafts. I can be found doing crafts during my spare time and also while sitting as a passenger in a car or on a plane. I love doing the crafts that I do and I realize how important it is to share my abilities with others. How do I find time to do these projects while working full-time as a part owner of a business,  I have always made time for these projects when with a very busy work schedule. Making time for something you love doing should be easy but sometimes it is rather difficult.  I have a Certificate in Instructing Adults and would love to be able to teach some of these crafts to others.

My feeling, about doing crafts for organizations is very rewarding. Knowing that you are helping others and that the items are needed and appreciated is wonderful. I guess the other thing is time well spent, may not get the housework done but I am helping others. I try my best to help others but realize that sometimes I need to do something for myself and have been doing that lately.  My project page is to help show some of the projects that I do for charity but also items I do for myself and also for friends and family.

This web-site is to show the various crafts that I do and how I would like to use these crafts to create a program to provide lap throws (lapghans) to seniors, veterans or injured soldiers and also match crafters with organizations that need items.

I also have a blog that I try and post to on a regular basis which sometimes have to admit is difficult.  The blog can be found

Please e-mail me if you have any ideas or comments. I have included "no_spam" as part of my address to prevent spamming so please delete that part of the address before sending an e-mail.

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