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Charity Work

My name Craftkitten is now really established. I have been finding which organizations around Toronto are in need of hand-made crafts. I know that they must be more of a need but it's very difficult to find out who really needs things.

I have been trying to establish a list of organizations that need items and have come up very short so far. I have found hospitals that are in need of items and local community so am working with both of these now to assist in meeting the need.
    1. Sunnybrooke Hospital - need of lapthrows for the veterans
    2. Caring 4 Canadian Charities - items for preemies, babies, children and troops.

It's amazing how difficult it is when living in a major city how hard it is to find the organizations that are in need for the items.  I would love to be able to establish a network of organization who need items and also a network of people willing to provide the items. I do have an online group that is trying to identify the various organizations that need various items.

Where to find yarn in the GTA
Knit for Less
Sew Knit
These resources are besides the regular spots of Michaels, Walmart and Zellers.  I am trying to find spots that have good prices and can find the yarns for charity crafting.

If you have any other ideas please feel free to e-mail me with the information.
Please e-mail me if you have any ideas or comments. I have included "no_spam" as part of my address to prevent spamming so please delete that part of the address before sending an e-mail.
This page last updated:  February 27, 2012