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Preemie Outfits

 I never realized how small a toque or bootie I could knit until I started working on neo-natal and preemie outfits. Knitting these outfits have made me realize how small a preemie can be and how important a toque, booties or mitts can be for them. I guess what I am saying is that to help a preemie is very important and I have feel very rewarded when I complete each toque and bootie outfit.

This picture shows a preemie set with a ruler at the bottom of it. The booties in total at the bottom measure 13cm (5 inches) or about 6.5cm (2.5 inches) each. The toque could fit on an orange very easily. I have never seen a preemie myself but after doing these sets I realize the fight they have, to survive.  I have knit over seventy of these outfits and will continue to do these to assist preemies.

Another project that I have worked on for preemies is blankets for memory sets.  These blankets are only 24" square so that don't take a lot of time to complete and they are used as part of a gift to parents that have lost their preemies.

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