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Managing a Donation Program

I have been able to work on a number of charities and use my craft skills for each of them and have found a few things that I feel are very important to running a donation program.
  1. A phone call or letter/e-mail acknowledging receipt of the donated items.
  2. Means of tracking donor of wool or donors of items.
  3. Figure out the volume of need.
  4. Means of receiver to say thanks.
  5. Means of distribution of items.
I have found working on these programs very rewarding and would love to be able to assist in the managing of a program.  The program that I would love to assist is managing in Toronto is getting a network established for organizations that need items and crafters that would be willing to make the items or donate the supplies.

Please e-mail me if you have any ideas or comments. I have included "no_spam" as part of my address to prevent spamming so please delete that part of the address before sending an e-mail.

 This page last updated:  December 12, 2010