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Andy's upgrade wants for Page1

PAGE1 is a wonderful little tool created by PC Magazine in the beginning of the web era (Windows 98 was new) for easily building one's own link pages, which I still get good use of.
It still works on Windows 10, and is of course it is a bit dated in its look, but it still does a good job that I haven't found anything that lets me so easily manage and share under My control. The cloud options I've found all have the possibility of censorship (Cancel Culture anyone?), and what happens when the particular provider does away with the service (Google Reader, I'm looking at you, dictating how we follow things)? Or just ceases to exist? I haven't even gotten to seeing if any of them can import what I have and have a good export option I can use for backups.

I do have the source code as part of the full package, so anyone with the appropriate skills and compiler, who is interested, should be able to update this tool. Given that it was released as freeware and was more of a coding demonstration, it shouldn't be hard to put something together that would read the existing Page1's simple looking *.pg1 files and reproduce the functions. As simple bash scripts and HTML are the limits of what code, it's a bit beyond my current skill set. If you give it a shot, even to just recompile to be better in tune with the newer UI standard, please let me know.

Things to fix and enhance:

  • Window resizing. Would just a recompile fix that?
  • Make the resulting HTML files mobile friendly.
           Currently, I use NoteTab to insert a meta viewport line
  • Update Help to work on Windows 10+
  • Give the option that the links open in a new tab.
           Currently, I use NoteTab to insert the "target=blank" into links that lack it.
  • Ability to add a block of text / links / script to the top and bottom of the link page.
           Examples: "About" link line at the top, Last Updated and analytics script at the bottom. NoteTab lets me do this after generation.
  • Make the Group Titles linkable.
           An example would be having a direct link to the HTML section of my Internet tools page rather than the top of the page. I haven't yet figured out how to get NoteTab to do this.
  • A Linux version in addition to the Windows version.

    I use NoteTab for finalizing my current Page1 output, as I can easily have all my bookmark pages in one place, do global search and replaces (I do 4 in this case), and those replacements can be multi-line affairs.

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