Internet tools (for the structure of the net)

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Layers 1-3
Canadian ISP search tool 1&1 hosting services HostPapa
Budget Dial-up when on the go BroadBand SpeedGuide BroadBand/DSL Reports
Test Your Speed (Canada) <400 kbps Test Your Speed (elsewhere) <400 kbps BroadBandReport speed test Rogers SpeedCheck CIRA's speed test
Glasnost: test for ISP app throttling ISP speeds around the world InterNet Traffic Report
What is WiFi? VisStumbler, WiFi AP scanner WiGLE (Wireless Geographic Logging Engine)
WiFi HotSpot Directory Wi-FiPlanet Wireless Toronto
MAC assignment lookup MAC vendor assignments MAC vendor lookup
OSI, The 7 Layers WireShark(nee Ethereal) Protocol Analyzer WireShark U
WireShark forum Chappell classes on YouTube Queen Chappell's blog
Laura's articles on Novell Laura's 100 Wireshark Tips CappellU Training Portal
Wireshark Books Troubleshooting with Wireshark video WireShark Capture Filters
WireShark Challenges/tests Comment your packet captures How Julia uses Wireshark
Who Is Connected Sniffer Submarine fiber, brains in jars, and coaxial cables Submarine Cable Map
personal VPN Primer

TCP/IP basics
TCP/UDP port assignments TCP/UDP ports with comments Ports Microsoft's Windows Server use
Ports Novell Linux products use Ports Novell products use on NetWare Ports Novell products use (older)
TCP/UDP port wiki SpeedGuide port database AdminSubNet Port list
on-line IP tools; ping,trace,NSlookup,etc. lots about an IP IP format converter
WhatIsMy public IP address Public IP from DSLreports WhatIsMyIPAddress, with map
What is my local IP? GeoTeK IP info tool how to obscure an IP address
hosts file to stop spyware Multicast assignments
NMAP port testing tool net Boot Disk Laura's articles
Multicast address assignments IPv4 ranges Port access checking tool
IPv6 Launch day TCP/IP Utils TPC Flags explained
VLSM (CIDR) Subnet Calculator Cool Solutions IP Calculator

What is DNS top level Domain name registries around the world Top Level Domains
Domain registry best practices Accredited TLD Registrars Network-Tools NSlookup
ENC NSLookup CentralOps NSlookup PTR lookup
WhoIs search, NetSol Easy WhoIS lookup
Canadian DomainName Authority InterNet Assigned Numbers Authority
What is DNS, a Novell summary DNS design specifications (RFCs) Dynamic DNS descriptor
using Hosts file to block adware DNSSEC visualization tool MXToolbox SuperTool
Who actually owns your Domain? Resolver diag tool guide to avoid losing your Domain
Finding n Fixing Open DNS Resolvers DNSSEC; debunking the FUD test for open recursion
Quad9 secured recursive DNS

SMTP - eMail
SMTP reply codes RFC821 RFC822
MX ToolBox, includes RBL test Spam analysis tools
testable list of RBLs Spamhaus SU RBL
UCEPROTECT®-Network E-mail Validation Postfix, tricks to stop bad messages
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) SPF Analyzer DKIM: Domain Keys
Osterman Messaging Blog 10 MinuteMail about the first spam and history of
Osterman Research WhitePapers bad email habits e-mail clients
Check TLS MXtoolbox Wormly smtp test
MailChimp easy email newsletters email policy Managing your inbox
CommandLine email tool for Windows IMAP proxy Pseudo-anonymous Email
Transend Migrator

Web Basics
What web server software is that site running? what is your browser can see about you What your browser reports as to the server
Wayback Machine (archive) Browser privacy test Web Hosting scams
Web and IP testtools check your browser security for in FireFox/Mozilla, to open page to IE
Robots/spiders, how to control a sad 404 spell checker for static pages
easy translate web text WE: stats of browsers used SC: stats of browsers used
Tiny URL, shrink URL for emailing URL shortners ranked McAfee Secure URL shortner
PDF a Web page Website copier (to pull down a local copy) Yellowpipe Webmaster toolset
WebSiteLooker site rater Alexa- Web site ranking URL Spy site ranks
Meaning of Colour How People View Websites Is Site Down For Everyone or Just Me?
NetCraft Site Report Is the site Mobile-Friendly Google PageSpeed test
Readibility: Text Contrast Find Hosting of a site (to sell you theirs) Firefox deep configuration

WebDesign overview Web Authoring W3School HTML tag reference
HTML Validation Service W3C CSS Validation Service W3C HTML cheatsheet, just basics
NetMechanic, Powertools for your web sites SiteInspector, a Webmasters Resource kit (very ad based) Doctor HTML, test you page
HTML-Hell. what not to do HTML Dog - practical guide to XHTML+ HTML Goodies
easy test pages on MANY browsers HTML to PDF tool Colour Codes
map your site visitors how to add a Favicon Browsera web pages testing tool
Icons by Crystal Clear browser size tester w3fools
WebMonkey, web tutorials & tips Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design Elements of HTML w/ version support
Google Pagespeed Insights Convert a Fixed Column CSS Layout to a Liquid Layout iPadPeek how site iLooks
mobile-friendly test Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool PlaceHolder Text
PlaceHolder blanks PlaceHolder Kittens
Character manipulation/coding make pages fart as they are scrolled HTML tag ref guide

What is LDAP (focused on Non-Techs) in depth LDAP Roadmap Open LDAP
Recipe for configuring LDAP systems LDAP Browser, JXplorer Import Convert Export for eDirectory
apache's Eclipse based LDAP browser FOSS pw self-service 4 LDAP
5 ways to ruin IAM project LDAP Export tool Softerra's LDAP Administrator

SNMP - management

Misc net tools
CentralOps (brwsr&domn chks, Nslook, ping..) VNC; a remote control app TransferBIGfiles
YouSendIt file transfer NTP pools to use SuSE Paste, easy transfer of code/log bits
4WebHelp Server/Web tools Google Apps Status The Bro Net Security Monitor (IDS)
PingOmatic alert readers of your blog update

Misc net info
Index of InterNet Standards Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives History of the Net
Access your PC over the net Celebrities on Routing tech
How Google Works esr; well known internet hacker(white hat) Hosting Reviews (web/ftp/email/etc..)
InterNet World Statistics There is no cloud