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GTA activities
Toronto Environment days PostCarbon Toronto Windfall Ecology Centre
low carbon infrastructure plan for Toronto Toronto Tool Library Planetary Limits Academic Network

General Recycling
Ontario's Do What You Can Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC)
where to recycle stuff Gazelle: Cash for Gadgets How To Recycle
Don't Scrap It

efforts towards a better world
Green Wizards Org Transition Towns Good Guide to better products
Responsible Investing Impacts for Accountants Good Country
Post Carbon Logistics org No Tech Magazine Transition, Permaculture, and Slow Technology references
Bioclimatic building design example X effort to Stop Fossil Fuels How to build a community network
The netCommons Project Simplifier Useful Kind of Madness
Managed Retreat To Build a Small Town Buy Nothing Day
Cooperatives PermaComputing

Home efficiency & maintenance
Passive House The Ravina Project Sage Restoration

Tor chapter of COG Globally Important Agricultural Heritage systems (GIAHS) Scythe Supply
plants that repel mosquitoes Companion Planting Sustainable Biomass: Coppicing +
How to preserve Center for Home Food Preservation
Nettles for Textiles Embracing Food Sovereingty GardenMyths (busting)
Open Source Seed Initiative Organic Seed Alliance

Life Styles / Investing
Victorian Life Social Ideology of MotorCars Off The Grid
growing green companies in Canada Low Carbon Funds to watch out Energyphile
Post Growth Toolkit First Gun experience Eco hymms

Natural energy harnessing
GreenPowerScience Solar Cooking Fire Piston
Jatropha: BioDiesel plant Logmatic, easy wood splitter Logmatic demo video
Electricity from fire heat BioDiesel Yields Human Power Plant
Eco Clipper, Sailing cargo SailCargo, wood sailing cargo International Windship Association (IWSA)
Masonry Heaters, OIK-14 Batch Rocket Stoves WoodStove.com
Solo Stoves WaterLily Turbine Living Energy Farm
Living Energy Lights Build a Bike Generator DIY grid

Book collections
eGranary Digital Library Survivor Library Autarky Library
Low-Tech Magazine hardcopy towards sustainable libraries Little Free Library

Climate change & Eco Fiction Coast lines at increasing sea levels Warming stripes

The Tragedy of the Commons Dangers Of Elite Projection Energy Slaves
Internet surviving climate change New Maps: deindustrial fiction Thoughts on Saving the Planet
Emissions by sector LowTech Web Ring wealth vs illth and negative sum economy
1957 Speech on Peak Oil collapse prep vs 'magical' thinking Walkabiity of a location
Supply Chain vulnerability Mathematics and Logic: a free course Why(&how) Civilizations collapse
ARC HomeNursing Textbook Efficiency Is Everything Emergency Plan Guide

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