Vanguard Labs WEPIX 2000B APT Satellite Receiver


WEPIX 2000B receiver

These schematic diagrams were reverse-engineered by Allison Cawthon, and may not be 100% accurate, however they should be sufficient to allow repairs to the receiver by a competent radio technician.

Allison Cawthon wrote:
"I could not label some component values since it would require removing the caps etc from the circuit to measure them. Maybe I will find another WEPIX 2000 Receiver sometime and take the risk; I have some hot tweezers for SMT work, and parts are easily removed and replaced. I may make some changes to the drawings once I do a review, but it is close as it is. Please just use them at your on risk so to speak, and take reasonable care.. I hope that others can add additional information and corrections as required. "

green led WEPIX 2000B receiver programming for NOAA 18
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