Darlene Konecny

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The purpose of this site is to illustrate some of the items I have learned while taking an HTML course. I am going to try and show some of my interests as well as associations I am involved with.

The following pages will let you get to know me a little better as well as see some of my personal and professional interests. I am trying to show that I do have more than one side as most people only see one side of me and this will help explain me as a person.

The picture is of my husband Andy and myself. A number of people have wanted to see what the two of us look like so I have added this picture to my site. The picture was taken Oct/04.

Please e-mail me if you have any ideas or comments. I have included "no_spam" as part of my address to prevent spamming so please delete that part of the address before sending an e-mail.