Markham Fair 2010 competition

I decided once again to compete at the Markham fair in their handicraft competition and I have to admit I think I did a little too much.  I wanted to enter a couple of entries and ended up with 14 entries.  So I decided to compete in the middle of August and the fair was the first week of October so I must have been nuts.

baby afghanbeaded jewellerycloth bagpuppet
beaded kleenex coverbiscornupreemie hat
crocheted slippersdoilyflower potknit slipperslapghanmittensBargello

Now for those of you that would like to see the results here they are:

I am going to post the pictures in reverse order of the ribbons that I got

4th place ribbons
4th doily4th slippersBargello ribbon
6"-12" doily                                                                    Knit slippers                                        Bargello

3rd place ribbons
3rd baby afghan3rd purse3rd cloth bag
Baby afghan                                        Beaded jewellery                            Decorated cloth bag

2nd place ribbons
2nd flower pot2nd ribbon2nd kleenex cover
Flower pot                                        Puppet                                              Kleenex cover

The pictures of the Bargello have finally been posted.

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