Adventuring in Mischief and Chaos EveryWhere


The Union of Darlene Llewellyn and Andy Konecny

our very first wedding picture :)

Official installation of the old ball and chain was September 14th, 2001. The Mouse head was the week before that(a part of our group's stag traditions).

Where'd this all start? At a friend's party 1999-02-13 where Andy arrived and saw this lovely lady standing in a corner

With the world being so full of Chaos, one might as well have fun Adventuring in it.

The Proposal 2000-10-15
The Stag!! (invite site and pictures :) 2001-09-08T19:00EDT
The Wedding 2001-09-14T15:00EDT
The Reception 2001-09-14T16:00EDT
The Honeymoon (at least the parts we are willing to show :) 2001-09-16/23
Party for friends 2001-10-13T20:00EDT

We had a fantastic Photographer and we are even on his site portfolio for a while, so check out Cliff Spicer's site

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