Tech horror stories and Other such tales

True tale from the spring of 1997. I (yes the Chaos Adventurer) received a panicky call from a non-technical friend of mine who lost a bunch of files trying to figure out how much data she had accumulated(i.e. how many Syquest disks did she need). Unfortunately a cow-worker who imagined himself a computer wiz got control of the system and showed how you can see the size of files by retrieving them out of the Windoze95 recycle bin. Of course this was on a mostly full harddrive so about the first 10MB of data got permanently flushed. My friend now knows the joys of the DOS command 'DIR /S'

Useful RFCs

Recommended Reading: The New Hacker's Dictionary(3rd Ed.), compiled by Eric S. Raymond, The MIT Press, ISBN# 0262680920(paperback), 0262181789(Hardcover). For anyone involved in/with computers, especially if in your universe, 'round' numbers are powers of 2, not 10. Available at Amazon.Com and other fine book stores

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