Life is full of Chaos, and adventuring in it all takes time but I did manage to sneak out to London to meet some of my on-line friends, and even see a few hysteric sites.

London, UK. March 1997

What's so Big about this little tower, Ben?

There were crocuses and Daffodils everywhere.

One view from the Tower of London.
I wish I had my archery stuff with me to test this out.

Ken's Place. The Bed and Breakfast that the Sandbox invaded while I stayed there

6 from the Sandbox have met in London (beware, large pictures within)

Toni from Netherlands, 'Dr.' Mike from England, Kai From U.S.A., Daphne from Germany, Brian from Switzerland, & Chaos from Canada, on the other side of the street from Ken's(The B&B we stayed at)

some of the other Playmates from the Sandbox who didn't make it to London
Pam (aka, Gypsy Jassmine)
Mark Nicholas
SandWorm Sr.
'Wacky' Willy
Princess Pandora
jww's band

the ABCs of Friends

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