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John Michael Greer has been including posts of fiction in his old blog, The Archdruid Report (aka ADR) for many years, but he didn't have a list of all of those wonderful works that made it a challenge to find them as they were intertwined with the rest of his posts. This fiction is an exploration of some of the possible futures discussed on this blog, using the toolkit of narrative fiction and are a great reference as we stumble through towards the future. They are all copyright of JMG's, and this page is just a tool to find them all. Now (post 2017-06-21) that ARD is closed, the old links don't directly work, but could be used to find the individual posts on the WayBack Machine or at one of the mirror sites as I have redirected them to. Or better yet, buy the books. Retrotopia and Star's Reach are on their own with the rest listed fiction below are now assembled as An Archdruid's Tales: Fiction from The Archdruid Report (I'm patiently waiting for it to become available on Kobo or have room for more 'dead tree' editions)
His continued writings can be found at his new home, and Toward Ecosophy, including links to his books, both fiction and other. Also they are available though BookShop.
I will continue adding the posts that are fiction and related to this page.

Is some of JMG's fiction SolarPunk? Or just close enough to be interesting?

Festivus for the rest of us

The stories (minus the Q&A) are included in After Oil: SF Visions Of A Post-Petroleum World , and rendered as a graph story in Issue #10 (Summer 2018) of Into the Ruins

Adam's Story

How It Could Happen

What later got fleshed out and turned into a full length novell Twilight's Last Gleaming


Polished and Published 2016-12-03 by Founders House Publishing in both PaperBack and eBook

Star's Reach

Misc, one offs

Future and other Notes

In 2017 JMG stopped producing his "The Archdruid Report" having both grown in a different direction than the underlying free Blogger system is going and having said "pretty much everything he can think of saying about the decline and fall of industrial civilization". The Archdruid Report is expected to 'go away' in its on-line form but will be made available in a more robust dead-tree edition. His new homes for his on-line discussions and future fiction starting points are to be and
For JMG's list of published fiction moving forward, see his list on Ecosophia, and his current writing contests that will lead to more after Oil and similar anthologies. JMG is known to contribute to Into the Ruins and is the inspiration for the GreenWizards organization, also described at

I wonder if this page was at all an influence in the creation of the anthology of this fiction. JMG knew about this page to the point of pointing out a few entries that I had missed. I created this page as result of one of the discussions after one of the later Retrotopia installments and then contributed it those discussions.

JMG's list of our speciesí really great intellectual leaps: language, writing, mathematics, philosophy, logic, and experimental science.

The Road To Amalin

Demonstrating writing a novel as an instruction of how to do so, therefor somewhat raw as it is a first draft. Stalled (disctracted, pulled otherways) while we readers are awaiting for it to continue in 2020+, sigh.

Kek Wars

OK, so not really fiction but reads well enough like it, maybe.


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