I came up with Chaos Adventurer near the begining of my career because of personal software I was installing at home that kept demanding a Company name, but since Konecny Enterprises represented my Granddad's business (nuts, bolts, & felts), and I didn't want to use my employer's name, So needed to figure something else. This happened at a point where the chaos in my life was increasing rapidly, so I hit the thought of life being an adventure in it and so was born Chaos Adventures as an (dis)organization name with me as the Chief Adventurer.

A few things referring Chaos that tickles my fancy

I guess that I will just have answer to Entropy-Pilgrim now

It would be nice to use the term Chaos Manor for my home, but that might confuse people with Jerry Pournelle - (parodied here) . At least I'm in good company.

Chaos reigns within.
Reflect, repent, and reboot.
Order shall return.

Sheik Catastrophe?

Chaos, the Wild Man

I taste a little chaos
Something mischevious
And maybe a little wild
Something fun
And Definitely different

Now some may say he's crazy 
And some may say he's wierd 
But they don't understand 
They don't really know him
'Cause he's just a wild man 
Wanting to have a little fun  

Now some say beware
Run and hide while you can 
But there's nothing to fear 
From the wild man  

I know you 
You're CHAOS, the Wild Man 
I took the time to know 
He's a fun and cool kinda guy  

Promise to be true 
And if you meet the wild man 
Don't try to change him 

Just believe in me 
Because I know him 
Can't you see 
That all he wants 
Is to have fun  

Can't you see 
He's just a wild man 
Baby, he's just a wild man.  

'Cause a little chaos 
And a little excitement 
Makes life all the more fun 
'Cause life's too short 
And goes too quick 
So it makes a nice change
When someone like you 
Spruces things up a bit!

                    Ingrid 'Chrissy' Zitzmann, 1998-12-31

See!! I am just helping the Human Species in all my actions

Proof that you never know where I (or a look-a-like) may show up

The begining of my career sort of had fixed hours, but they started drifting right away and I've lived that Snow Glob Economy for about 2 decades already.

There is always a boom. Sometimes even a Kaboom.

No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow.

Best said by Commander Ivanova of Babylon5

more to follow in chaotically sporadic bursts

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