Andy's Windows Apps and Utils

A Bookmark page by Andy of Konecny Consulting.

Main apps
LibreOffice Firefox TotalCommander
Thunderbird Virtual Access NNTP reader Sumatra PDF+ Reader

Text management
NotePad++ NoteTab NotePad2
Markdown language for Text to HTML file compare tool Droid: Notepad Free

Web management
McAfee SiteAdvisor Tin Eye Read from Images
Grammar and Spell Checker Printer Friendly & PDF Flash version check
NoScript:whitelist sites 4 script running Backlink Checker by LRT Check My Links for Chrome
Link redirct trace for SEO

*nix connection Tools

Net Tools
WireShark IPv4 Calculator DeltaCopy
JXplorer LDAP browser MyPorts NTP Tool
XArp NirSoft's useful tools NirSoft pre-release/alpha
Who Is Connected Sniffer Vuze Bittorrent client Zenmap/nmap
NTP Server test tool

IrfanView WinAmp Google Earth
VLC gimp Audacity
GhostScript calibre ebook management DIA draw structured diagrams (like Visio)
EXIFtool info in-out of grafix files

Windows fixing
PC Decrapifier CCleaner SpyBot
Ad-Aware God Mode Control Win10 autoupdates
Chng WinExploder's StartLoctn SysInternals +

being tested
Active Presenter

Misc Utilities
NirSoft's useful tools MD5 calculator (nice and KISS) UpTime.exe for Windows
RainMeter Desktop skins IP Messenger LanguageTool addon grammer&consistency

Games / Fun
Atomic Tanks
Satellite WXtrack Kerbal Space Program

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