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Recommended Choices for the Disk Cleanup tool

You start Disk Cleanup (on Windows 98 or later) from Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools.
If you have multiple harddrives it will ask which to run it on, these instructions assume C: drive.
If if takes a while to scan the drive, its just because you have the more advanced file system called NTFS that can support file compression (the latest is always the greatest???), you can do other things while it thinks about it.

Once it comes up with this screen, exit all other applications

your best options to have check marked are
- Temporary Internet Files
- Recycle Bin
- Temporary Files
- WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files
options you will generally not want to check marked are
- Office Installation Files
- Compress old files
Then just click on OK and let it rip away. After this you can either just run a Disk Defragment, or get on with the more detailed cleaning up

Last updated 2004-09-30