Some of the events of my Chaotic life

Adventuring in Chaos EveryWhere

By no means are this complete or current, but are just the parts I wish to share to the world

With the world being so full of Chaos, one might as well have fun Adventuring in it.

Wine Tripping Tips

UK Flag led London England 1997 Updated 1998-Mar-10
UK Flag led Sandbox in London 1997 Updated 1998-Mar-10
Smily led SandBox in EH 1998 yet to be Updated
Smily led SandBox in CocoBeach 2000 yet to be Updated
Rubix Cube My Wedding 2001-09-14 Updated 2001-10-08
not chaotic enough but still hunting bits about Chaos Updated 2007-June-13

Places I've been to over the years

In Canada

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In the USA

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In the world over all

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